San Clemente and surfing just naturally go together given the climate, the waves and the number of places you can surf here.

Located in one of the most ideal locations between San Diego and Los Angeles, San Clemente offers year-round surf. Whether it’s famous spots like San Onofre, Trestles or Doheny or local secret spots, there is always a wave to be found in San Clemente.

  • Where do I get surf and weather conditions?

Live, real time beach information can be viewed on this page.

  • What are typical ocean conditions?

San Clemente is famous for its mild, comfortable weather.

Throughout most of the year, surfers wear wetsuits in San Clemente. Water temperatures can range from the low 50’s in the winter to as high as 75 in the summer. Much of the year, surfers wear full wetsuits. During summer months, people may opt for a spring suit or swimsuit.

Morning sea surface conditions are generally smooth and glassy. Expect an onshore breeze to begin to pick up by noon and continue through the afternoon and evening.

  • What about swell conditions?

Swell conditions in San Clemente vary from day to day and from season to season. Waves in the San Clemente can range from flat to 2X overhead, depending upon the strength, location, and duration of the storm that created the swell.

During summer months, the area has excellent exposure to swells that come from the southerly/southwesterly direction. These swells originate either from large cyclones in the southern hemishere or from seasonal hurricanes off the coast of Mexico.

During winter months, when swells originate from northern-latitude storms, the San Clemente area often receives less surf than other areas along the California coast. This is due to the fact that San Clemente beaches face a southerly direction, and sit in the shadow of Catalina Island.

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